Is MP Nick Smith using the Tenancy Tribunal to cover up child abuse allegations?

One of the NZ journalists who covered the allegations that Nick Smith MP is abusing children from his electorate office in Nelson, has been targeted by the Hamilton Tenancy Tribunal with what appears to be a trumped up/ fake claim for $8000.


[MP Nick Smith – abusing thousands of Kiwi children with his housing (non) policy- and then lying about it each night in the media – but could the situation be far worse than we think it is?]

The full transcript of the Nick Smith child abuse ring allegations can be viewed here – The Justin Davis Files (pdf document – safe for your computer)!WlBhQBpQ!hmmuB_BbOUxoSq1BZGK6eHmFq_USVIDvEBnJqW2zuLk

Another article detailing the Nick Smith MP child abuse allegations is here:

The Justin Davis files make it clear that we have a gang of serial child abusers operating in NZ with the apparent protection of the NZ judiciary and police and they occupy some of the highest positions of power in NZ society. The allegations claim this gang are using sophisticated methods and drugs to abuse children in schools, doctor’s surgeries, churches and other Government run locations. If those claims sound outlandish, we suggest you read the fine detail in the Justin Davis Files, as well as research the Westminster Scandal and countless other claims throughout history that there is a gang of child abusers operating in the highest rungs of Government, dating right back to the vampire mythologies (who drunk the blood of virgins). Is it possible this is not mythology at all- but the cold hard reality of how these people that pose as Justice and Government indeed operate? The Westminster Scandal involves allegations from over 100,000 children (now adults) who claim to have been drugged and raped by British Judges, MP’s, Lords and entertainers. NZ Judge Lowell Goddard was put in charge of the ‘investigation’ but has since resigned, making a mockery of the ‘investigation’/ cover up. Interesting it was a NZ judge tasked with this.

Read more about Justin Davis and his fight for survival  below- check his photos for details on his torture at the hands of these pedophiles…

And a good documentary on such allegations here – investigating a ruling class of serial child abusers:

Within a few weeks of the journalist reporting on the Nick Smith MP child abuse allegations online  – he received a letter from the Hamilton Tenancy Tribunal alleging he owed a Chinese property investor by the name of Peter Lin of Plan Investments Limited a total of $7984.00 plus court costs of $20.

The claim was based on the idea that a fully furnished central Hamilton apartment, at 190 Ulster Street Hamilton, was left empty for a total of 7 months, in the middle of the worst housing crisis in NZ’s history.

The journalist had rented the apartment on a 12 month contract but had left after 6 weeks due to a sewerage type smell that rose up from the floors of the apartment at night, and loud all night sex noises coming from his Chinese neighbor’s apartment.  He left 4 weeks rent in advance and advised Mr Peter Lin that he would need to find another tenant.

Mr Peter Lin had agreed (via email) that he would “try to find a suitable tenant to replace the agreement” and the journalist moved to another location, safe in the knowledge that Mr Lin would have no problem renting his fully furnished central Hamilton apartment to someone else, given the extreme demands on housing in Hamilton.

Being a fairly careful sort of a chap – the journalist also took screen prints of Mr Peter Lin’s Trademe ads for the next few months, which all showed that Mr Lin never bothered to advertise the apartment at all. He emailed Mr Peter Lin numerous times to ask why he had not re advertised the apartment and even warned Mr Lin that he had a duty to advertise the flat as agreed and that these emails would be produced if any tenancy court claim arose later on. All of those emails were ignored.

When the claim by Peter Lin arrived in the mail, the journalist wrote back immediately and advised that he suspected the claim was fraudulent and motivated by an effort by Nick Smith MP to silence those who were blogging about his child abuse allegations, and that it was ridiculous to imagine a fully furnished Hamilton apartment was left empty for 7 months in the middle of the worst housing crisis in NZ history. The journalist insisted he would not receive a fair hearing due to this situation and that the claim was manufactured.

The original hearing was scheduled for just one day after the original paper work arrived with the journalist – this was done deliberately by the Hamilton Tenancy Court to try and insure the journalist did not have time to organise his response, in breech of NZ law which allows for “reasonable time”. The journalist demanded more time and was reluctantly given another 25 days. The Tenancy Tribunal did all they could to withhold documents in relation to the claim during that time also, stating they had posted documents (which never arrived) and giving the journalist a code to use to access the claim documents online, which didn’t work (wrong code).

The journalist then learned that the Tribunal had already returned the $1080 bond to Mr Peter Lin, without notifying the journalist at all, as required by law. They claimed they tried to notify the journalist, but had not. They had text and emailed the journalist to notify him of the claim, but not to alert him that Mr Peter Lin had applied for the full bond – which he was illegally returned by the Tenancy Court. The bias of the tenancy court was already apparent.

It was clear to the journalist that this was a stitch up and most likely due to his work helping bring to light the allegations that NZ Housing Minister Nick Smith was a  child abuser operating in Nelson with National Party Chairman Dan Dolejs.  Nick Smith had already sent lawyers in to silence owners of some Facebook pages that had posted the same allegations.

The journalist submitted an opening statement to the Tenancy Tribunal – which is posted in full below this article – in which he stated that this was clearly a trumped up/ fraudulent claim most likely motivated by MP Nick Smith’s efforts to cover up the allegations of his child abuse offending. He was not allowed to read this statement in the hearing before Hamilton Tenancy Tribunal adjudicator “M Ward”. “M Ward” also refused to give his full name for the public record and for all we know, he could have been another of these child abusers being bribed and controlled. It is clear he is certainly corrupt, as NZ law dictates that people have a right to a fair hearing in NZ courts, and Mr M Ward was already covering up submissions and censoring the journalist.

The journalist also submitted statements from 4 different professional real estate agents operating in the Hamilton area who all stated that a fully furnished central apartment in Hamilton would not be left untenanted for more than a few days and at most 3-4 weeks. These statements were completely ignored by “M Ward” of the Hamilton Tenancy Court clearly showing his bias again.

M Ward also refused to allow the journalist time to read his various statements and evidence, insisting that “only 35 mins” was allowed for the hearing, so that they could better cover up the evidence presented.

The corrupt ruling from M Ward and the Tenancy Tribunal came via email a few days after the teleconference hearing and sure enough – he had ruled in favour of Mr Peter Lin and Plan Investments Ltd, having ignored the evidence of the journalist and heavily censored his statements and documents submitted. In fact Mr M Ward failed to address any of the 16 pages of evidence the journalist had submitted – including the screen prints from Trademe and the statements of the other real estate professionals – failing to mention any of it in his ruling. It was all completely ignored.

The journalist believes that Nick Smith MP has coordinated this trumped up/ fake claim using a corrupt Chinese property investor who conspired to file a fake claim in the NZ courts for profit – and to help cover up the child abuse allegations of NZ Housing Minister Nick Smith.

The journalist also questioned whether Mr Peter Lin might be a ‘friend of’ the Chinese Communist Party who have clearly been given open access to the NZ housing market, at the expense of Kiwis, and if he was now colluding in covering up the child abuse rings operating throughout the Crown/ Rothschild controlled NZ government. This question was also ignored.

The author would argue there are grounds to suspect that “M Ward” of the Hamilton Tenancy Tribunal has conspired to help cover up the allegations of Nick Smith’s alleged child abuse activities and that it could be argued that is grounds to suspect that he also part of the same alleged child abuse ring. The Justin Davis Files make it clear that Hamilton is a central point for such child abusers and their child abuse drug trafficking operations.

Hamilton Tenancy Tribunal Registrar – Lovey Te Paea – was also very involved in this claim, but we are unsure if she was involved in the cover up and fraud. She is certainly surrounded by corruption in her job, right up to the top rungs of this corrupt, foreign bank run Rothschild/ Crown government system.

Lets look at a quick summary of these facts:

  • Tenancy Tribunal gives just one day to prepare for hearing – only changed to 25 days on insistence of respondent.
  • Tenancy Tribunal returns $1080 bond to Mr Peter Lin without the respondent’s consent or knowledge.
  • Tenancy Tribunal refuses to let respondent read his opening statement, and completely ignores the statements of 4 professional real estate agents who agreed that the claim was not possible in this renting market.
  • Claim was based on a central city Hamilton apartment was left empty for 7 months in the middle of the worst housing crisis in NZ history – an impossibility.

A stitch up, in short.

Full Opening Statement of journalist below:

The Respondent would like the following Opening Statement attached to this file, to show on all public record of this matter, and to be read at the start of the scheduled hearing on June 28th 2016.

The Respondent would like the public to show that it is with regret that coming into the hearing scheduled for the 28th of June 2016 for the claim number detailed above, that the Respondent has no expectation of receiving a fair or just hearing, as afforded under New Zealand law.

The Respondent details the reasons for this unfortunate situation below:

  • The Respondent thinks most New Zealanders would agree that we are currently seeing corruption in the New Zealand Government on a scale never seen before in New Zealand.
  • In his two previous hearings before a New Zealand Government Ministry, the Respondent has documented numerous cases of perjury and dishonesty that have been allowed by the presumed Authority and have never been rectified, namely Build Corp Ltd v’s [name]  2012 before the Tenancy Tribunal and The Queen v’s [name]  2013 in the Queenstown District Court. Dishonesty and corruption seem to be the new normal in New Zealand.
  • It has become clear that the Chinese Communist Party has been given open door access to the New Zealand housing market, most likely to appease them for the corrupt & worthless US housing market debt China was sold by the Globalist Bankers prior to the 2008 Financial Crisis. It is clear that friends, family and associates of the Chinese Communist Party are being given priority by these same corrupt Globalist Bankers over the New Zealand housing market, in preference to actual New Zealand citizens. It is no secret that the New Zealand Prime Minister is one of these corrupt Globalist Bankers – both by birth and by previous career in Global Banking., helping these bankers steal from and collapse other sovereign Nations.
  • The Respondent is a highly active participant in what is referred to as “The Truth Movement” Globally. It is commonly accepted in this movement that these Globalist Bankers are promoting and protecting child sex offenders into positions of power in all of these sovereign Nations they are attacking and stealing from and that these government officials are then bribed and controlled due to their child sex offending habits, into carrying out the agenda of the said Bankers.
  • The Respondent has detailed his involvement with a NZ Truth Movement Facebook page named “Awake and Aware NZ” in a cover letter to the Tenancy Tribunal dated 06/06/2016 and explained that the manager of that Facebook page is currently being sued by the Housing Minister Nick Smith for posts on that page that allude to the numerous allegations online that Nick Smith MP is one of these child sex offenders being bribed and controlled.
  • It should be noted that the Applicant in this case is indeed a Chinese property investor operating in the NZ housing market, who has made a claim that his rental property at Unit 11, 190 Ulster Street was left empty for a period of 7 months, claiming he was unable to tenant it for said length of time, in the middle of the worst housing crisis / shortage in New Zealand’s history, in contradiction to the statements of all other industry experts (as submitted as evidence by the Respondent ) – a ridiculous claim that the Respondent would argue should never have been given consideration to begin with.
  • The Respondent wishes to state that this case could be seen as “the perfect storm” in terms of the corruption we are witnessing in New Zealand Government these days, in that we have a Chinese property investor making what is clearly a ridiculous (if not totally dishonest) claim against a man who is involved in exposing allegations of corruption in the New Zealand Government and in particular the Ministry of Housing, being heard before an agency of that same Government.
  • The Respondent reiterates that it is unfortunate that these facts need to be documented in this day and age in New Zealand, much like it is unfortunate that record numbers of New Zealanders are now homeless and living in cars under this corrupt John Key regime that is serving foreign interests and not the interests of the public he is meant to serve , but as an honourable and honest New Zealand citizen, with a state funded Bachelor’s Degree in the Economic Analysis of Law, the Respondent believes it is important that such facts be documented and on the record, so that future generations of New Zealander’s and current shadow ministers, media and interested parties may also study these facts (along with the other evidence already provided) and draw their own conclusions.





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